Who is Alex?

An artist, a designer, a life adventurer. 

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Hola! I am Alex,

An experienced photographer who enjoys exploring the outdoors and capturing images all around the world. Born and raised in Mexico, I am now grateful to live and work in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. 

I specialize in commercial work with a focus on adventure, lifestyle and landscape photography.


My life and work are shaped by a relentless hunger for adventure and experiencing new places. This same passion drives me to capture and share these moments with others through my photography.

The natural world has a therapeutic effect on me, it gives me time to recharge and meditate.

Nature never goes out of style and that is what makes it my favourite subject to photograph.


Whether I am travelling in another city or camping in the mountains, I am up at 5 in the morning searching for the best place to catch the sunrise…  

Light is essential when it comes to telling compelling stories through photography.




What I do

Every human being is drawn to visual stories, so whether it’s shooting for a brand or a special moment for you and your loved ones, I aim to tell your story in the form of photo essays, chasing perfection and the beauty of the occasion with each photo.


If you’re interested in portraits, an engagement or wedding sessions, I’d be more than happy to help you achieve genuine and authentic moments that you can share with your family and friends.

Send me a message and let's get started on your shoot.


Are you starting a new business or have already built an audience but need original content? I'm here to create what you need!

My visuals will provide your brand with the necessary imagery to keep your social media filled with creative content and to give your audience a good feeling of what your brand is about.

This content will be tailored to capture the true essence of your business and to convey your ideas in the form of multiple visuals to current and potential clients.

I will work directly with your marketing team to deliver exactly what you need.